Mar 7, 2010


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When I was in the pet food store for my cats, I saw these cute little mice for sale. I would have loved to buy at least two, but that wouldn't be fair my cats would get crazy and the mice too.

You dare to take a picture of me ?

I am meditating

I am thirsty

Rosie the chatterbox

Very often when I wake up I have this view. That's why I had put my camera on the bedside table one evening, just to take a picture in the morning.


quilly said...

I used to have hamsters and cats. I kept the hamsters in their cages and behind a glass partition. The cats would sit and watch hamster TV.

Ann said...

Hi Gattina,

I forgot which link I sent to you, I went back to Judith's email, and may be it is this one. You and Judith will make great friends. She lives now in UK, but she is still very involved with the cat cafe in Singapore.

LadyFi said...

Oh, love that last photo! Looks very comfy... so tell me - does the white cat snore?

Anonymous said...

Rosie looks like she wants to eat that little critter LOL And Arthur...oh Arthur...such a ham he is. :)

Maribeth said...

Beautiful Rosie and that handsome rogue, Arthur! Trust me, mice are smelly and dirty. I used to work in a fish and small pet (no cats or dogs) store. I hated the mice and the little Guinea Pigs! Yuck! I am allergic to rabbits, so I didn't have to clean their cages.

imac said...

Great shots of the mice Gattina, also your Kitties.

Thanks for your continued visits and comments.
A week in wales now showing on my blog.

Nefertiti,deesse NiLuNoah adoratrice d Aton said...

hoooooooooooo ils sont tous si mignons ;O)

moi j avais une 2cvs bleue pale ;O)

Grandma said...

Great pics, but you are right about cats and mice being a poor mix. My daughter had a pet mouse and the cat managed to get the cage door open. Enough said.

My Camera Critter

Carletta said...

What cute little mice!
Probably better not to have them in your house. :)
Rosie and Arthur are such cuties.

happily retired gal said...

I always enjoy your critter photos. You're right ... the mice would have driven your cats crazy.
Hugs and blessings,