Mar 17, 2010


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immaculate white fur


Anonymous said...

Perfect captions my friend. Arthur looks so content. :)

Roger said...

I am about to just what kitty is doing right there! Great shots! :)

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

I agree with Thom, lovely cats!

Just want to wish you HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!

Have you a great one!



Oscar Wilde-The IRISH Gentleman


Jay said...

Great words and illustrations for 'I' - pretty kitties, too!

Cats are nearly always immaculate, aren't they? But the only white cat we ever owned was not. She used to use the coal scuttle as a litterbox and we always knew her secret because she never bothered to wash afterwards! LOL!

On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week! :)

Mara said...

Love those kitty-cats. Very peaceful!

Sylvia K said...

Fun shots, Gattina! Love those kitties and they do know how to stretch it out! Have a great day/evening -- never sure which it is, but have a great one!


Roger Owen Green said...

I should get a cat again, if the daughter's OK w that

Anonymous said...

I love the gay abandon of the first shot!

Just looking at Jay's comment - we had a three-legged white cat who loved to roll around in the coal dust by the coal bunker. ...Played havoc with our furniture! :)

Pam said...


Catherine said...

Is Idyl a new cat ? Never heard of her (or him) ? A new resident ? Maybe I'm not enough present on your blog, Gattina.

Catherine said...

I put you on my blogroll, to be sure not to lose you.