Nov 10, 2009


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A real "bunch" coral colors in the Hotel jewelry

Fire extinguisher in the hotel entrance

By the way I am on holidays at the red Sea in Egypt


Carletta said...

We could have expected that you would be checking out the jewelry! :)
Three fire extingushers in the entrance - is that a normal scene? I think I'd be a little leary.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Have a fun holiday :)

Mar said...

Love that jewelry!! did you already buy some ??

Happy RT, mine is here!

diane said...

Hope the fir extiguishes are not a bad omen. The jewelery is interesting. I remember my mum had a neclace made of that.

Eaton Bennett said...

You're traveling again, wonderful! We can expect lots of beautiful photos then...I think the color of coral is one of my favorite colors.
Have a wonderful holiday. :))

imac said...

Hope you have a wonderful time away Gattina.

Dianne said...

even the fire extinguishers look ritzy!!

have a great time

Jama said...

must be so much fun to be going for holidays very often Gattina! Looking forward to seeing more photos from you in Egypt.