Nov 11, 2009



Herding cats
If you have to try to co-ordinate a very difficult situation, where people want to do very different things, you are herding cats.

All ears
If someone says they're all ears, they are very interested in hearing about something.

All that glitters is not gold
This means that appearances can be deceptive and things that look or sound valuable can be worthless. ('All that glistens is not gold' is an alternative.)


Anonymous said...

I love the hearding cats. They are all good but that's my fav :) well dine

Pietro said...

All nice images! I like very much the three kitties! Beautiful your new blog background.

quilly said...

I love your cats. I love them even more when they do your idioms!

SquirrelQueen said...

Your cats are adorable, great photos.
The idioms and photos match perfectly.