Nov 29, 2009


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seen in a restaurant

Miss Rosie likes her food only with a decoration ! She always puts a mouse in her bowl, fake or real once it doesn't matter.


Müge said...

Oh I adore the liberty in Europe for pet dogs! They are allowed in restaurants! In my country (Turkey), they are accepted only if the establishment is a garden restaurant. As to Miss Rosie, she's funny and adorable! I hope she doesn't put a real mouse in her bowl often! I would scream if my cat brought me a real mouse! :-) Have a great weekend! Ciao!

Anonymous said...

No comment about the Jack Ass? LOl. Rosie is so cute... :)

ellen said...

Nice catch! Mine is up. Hope you can drop by to view my very first entry. Your visit is a blessing. God Bless!

We love Luna said...

Hello sweet Rosie, I loved your pink mouse, and wow what a big plate you have!hummm it looks yummy!
That friend of you is also cute, I liked his ears.He is big isn't it?
Maybe he can give you some lift!
Happy camera critters
purrs and love
your friend from Lux

Dirkjogt said...

The cat is flirting with the camera :-)

eileeninmd said...

Great photos, lots of cute critters.

Maribeth said...

Love the drinking doggy, and Miss Rosie is adorable! At least it is a toy mouse and not a real one as we know she is the serial killer of mice! LOL!

imac said...

Champers for the dog? wow thats the

SquirrelQueen said...

Great photos, the jackass seems to be trying to ignore the camera. Miss Rosie is adorable, she really likes having a mouse around. I hope my kitty doesn't get any ideas after seeing this post.