Oct 19, 2009


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More here at Katney

Class photo


More participants at Lisa's Chaos


Anonymous said...

ACK Gattina you selling boots now? LOL. Some of those dolls look like they need their hair combed LOL. I love that flower. It's the strangest thing I've ever seen, well right up there. Wonderful my friend. :)

Mar said...

Ohhh, and jerseys, too!when you delete the spam this comment won't make any sense, lol

Love the title for the first picture, how cute.
Great macro too, happy Monday!!

quilly said...

LOL! Love the title for the doll shot. Too cute. Where did you find all of those beauties?

Greyscale Territory said...

The doll shot is a winner for creativity! And the macros are fascinating!

diane said...

Love the class photo.

lisaschaos said...

Great collection of dolls! Love the wispiness of the last photo. :)

Jama said...

The flowers are the mimosa flower isn't it? so pretty.