Oct 12, 2009


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Out of order ?


More participants at Lisa's Chaos

Shells I collected after my war against snails



quilly said...

The new fall decor is nifty! Looking sharp. I hope the police are out of order so you don't go to jail for killing all of those snails. AND, congrats on winning the prize over at Dr. John's place!

Anonymous said...

Is that like No Deposit No Return? LOL. Pookie is cute...where's the shells Ma? LOL

Stine in Ontario said...

I hope you won the war on snails! They can be so destructive.Neat photos!

Hilda said...

What's with the draped signs? Are they decorating for Halloween too? ;)

And you collect snail shells?? Now that could have been your Odd Shot post too. ;)

Jama said...

You must have lots of snails in your garden! so what are you going to do with the shells?

Gypsy Lala said...

Wow, so many shells, you can use them to create a piece of art work, I did it before.

diane said...

Pookie is cute.