Oct 11, 2009


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In a pet shop I found these little critters to buy

Mamma mouse

and her babies

a cute little gunea pig

and a bad mooded white mouse


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Arthur likes to keep company in the bathroom

Rosie, my little snail

loves cuddles

and frightens me when I pull the chair out !


diane said...

Well those critters can STAY in the pet shop. Yuk! Your cats are crazy critters I love the one on the chair is it Rosie?

LadyFi said...

Oh, that last photo is hilarious! I've never seen such a look of surprise.

And I love the photos of those baby mice.. so small and vulnerable.

Carletta said...

Look at the claws on that first little guy! Whoa!
Your kitties are always special; but today Rosie is especially cute peeking out from under the tablecloth.

eileeninmd said...

I agree about leaving the mice in the store. And that last photo is hilarious! Thanks for sharing your critter photos.

i beati said...

cats have such distinct personalities don't they ?

Stine in Ontario said...

I think Rosie would enjoy a pet from that shop. ;-)

Maribeth said...

I love all animals, but I do not like rodents of any kind! I scream at mice and I just hate them. We had them often on our farm, years ago and they really scared me. I know. Silly me. Scared of a helpless mouse!

We love Luna said...

LOL adorable post! The last picture is outstanding!Rosie is so charming and I love her beautiful eyes!She is smart, I also like this chair spot to take a nap! :0
purrs and love
and Happy camera critters

AL said...

Hahahah Rosie! What are you doing under the table?


jabblog said...

What a lovely sequence of photographs. I loved it when our children were young and we bred mice, guinea pigs, gerbils, tropical fish, then Burmese cats for a few years and one accidental litter of Jack Russell pups.
Rosie's expression is incredible - such HUGE eyes! Arthur is obviously a fastidious boy!

Dulce said...

Love cats... I love them sooooo much. Great photos... Congratulations on your Dr's treasure!!!!

Dianne said...

Rosie on the chair is delightful!!

storyteller at Small Reflections said...

Cute ;--)
Once upon a time I raised mice in my classroom. LOVE that last cat photo ... it's hilarious!
Hugs and blessings,

Sylvia K said...

Well, with four kids, we had an ongoing variety of animals from gerbils up and they were all cute, but Rosie is a delight! And what great shots! Absolutely love the look on her face in the last one!



Calico Crazy said...

The momma mouse and her babies are pretty ugly, the rest aren't too awful. Your kitties take the prize for cuteness though, especially that sneaky Rosie.

Calico Contemplations

Anonymous said...

I bet Arthur would like to eat those little rats or chase them around and make them nuts. I love the photo of Rosie scaring you. I still say you pay these cats off to pose for you LOL :)

imac said...

All great captures my friend.
some cute and some iccy critters.lol.

Pics all sorted, Now to start Posting.lol.

Oskar said...

Those little critters are cute, but my favorite is the last one!

I posted my first Pet Pride, so stop by and say hello!



Kcalpesh said...

Very cute pet! Quite an entertaining blog you've got here! :-)

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