Sep 28, 2009


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The first and probably the last not half dead looking butterfly I saw this year !

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Jama said...

The butterfly is so pretty, I love it's striking red color!

Mar said...

Love your odd shots!!
and that butterfly is beautiful, it's too hot here for butterflies (I think), we seldom see any.
Happy Monday :)

diane said...

Love the bird shots and what a beautiful butterfly!

Maribeth said...

Oh that buttedfly is beautiful!

lisaschaos said...

See, they do go where they want! I do love the butterfly too! So vibrant!

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful butterfly :)

jay said...

I love butterflies, and that one has a good colour for this late in the season! I just planted a buddleia myself, so hopefully I'll see a few more butterflies next year.

Pagan Sphinx said...

That is one cool odd shot! I played this week for the second time. Not very good with macros but some do turn out ok in spite of my lack of skill.