Sep 21, 2009


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I swear ! I never eat spare ribs again !


More participants at Lisa's Chaos

this one is a little changed


Anonymous said...

No wonder I have never liked port that much LOL. The flower is beautiful :) Aloha

Carletta said...

Roast pig! I'm not sure that little girl wants any. :)
Love the last flower macro.

diane said...

Now I know why my duaghter is a vegetarian. Nice shots of the flower. Thanks for your comments. You are welcome here anytime. I am blogging my holiday from home as there was very little chance of computer connection when we were in the outback.

Sarah said...

The flower shots are divine!!! Love the difference!!
I used to live in North Carolina - they have what they call pic pickin's - kinda like that shot - I was never able to eat at one again after the first one. Yuck!!!
Wonderful post, Sarah

lisaschaos said...

Love the flowers - I'll pass on the pig, lol.

Maribeth said...

I guess I am the only carnivore here. I look at the pig and think "dinner!"

SandyCarlson said...

The pig reminds me of why I am a vegetarian!

I loved that petunia.

Jay said...

I like that 'changed' flower pic! It's brighter and whiter! :)

Jama said...

Gorgeous little flower, looks like the morning glory.