Sep 14, 2009


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More here at Katney

A basket player dog

More participants at Lisa's Chaos

I could never go so close to a cow ! but this one was rather sleepy in a farmer's exposition !


diane said...

Love the big cow's sleepy eye. Funny thing is I have a cow on my blog today.
I have seen that flower here, is it a ginger plant?

Pietro said...

All beautiful photos!
Nice and unusual the close up of the cow!

Jama said...

The cow have such a beautiful and long lashes!

imac said...

The dogs owner loves red.
Nice capture Gattina.

lisaschaos said...

I love the dog's hat! So funny! Those are blooms are quite different!

Thom said...

Great photos my friend :)

jay said...

That is a very odd shot indeed! LOL!

amanda said...

Gattina, I love you closeup this week, the cow shot is very cool!I'll bet the expo was lots of fun too!