Sep 9, 2009


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Get out of bed on the wrong side
If you get out of bed on the wrong side, you wake up and start the day in a bad mood for no real reason.

Know where all the bodies are buried

Someone who by virtue of holding a position of trust with an organization for a long period of time has come to know many of the secrets that others in more powerful positions would rather be kept secret knows where the bodies are buried. An implication is that the person knowing these secrets will use that knowledge to secure something of value for him- or herself.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...look at all of them look at the cat going on the wrong side of the bed. I love it. Wonderful. And Arthur look for bird bodies? LOL. Well done :)

Tina said...

What beautiful cats you have!
I just had to stop by and look.
Thank you for visiting "SaraKatt skriver/Sara Cat writes", and leaving your kind words about Sara's mother Cajsa on Sara's blog.
We'll let you know how things go for Cajsa. She was my very first cat ever. (We didn't have pets when I was growing up.) She was an acrobatic kitten and has become a "philosophical" adult cat.
Best wishes
Tina (Christina Wigren)
I think we have several common interests: painting as well as writing and cats, of course.

diane said...

So clever with your actor cats. Do they get paid? I haven't heard the last one before. Always something to learn in blogland.

Jientje said...

They did not eat my birds by any chance? Loved them!!

Barbara H. said...

Those are both so creative! The second one especially -- looks like the cat is looking for one of those buried bodies.

Dr.John said...

Your cats are such good actors for your idioms. I really enjoyed.

Cindy said...

Your cats must be in on your writing, because they sure look like they are doing what you say.

ROSIDAH said...

You have such cute models to present your idioms, Gattina :)!