Aug 22, 2009


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a cormorant had finally catched an eel

and left ripples



Each time I spent my holidays at the English South East coast in Eastbourne, I am very impressed by the seagulls. They are so intelligent, it's unbelievable. They don't hesitate to take a sandwich out of your hand or land on your head. Sitting on cars is normal and shouting at people too. If you leave whatever eatable for one moment unwatched you can be sure it's gone !


YTSL said...

Action shots - woah! And well done too re getting up an entry that fits not one but two memes! :D

Mar said...

Nice shots for ripples!!
Spanish seagulls are quiet, I guess the Med offers them enough to eat so they do not bother people (I am glad about that!)
Happy weekend !!

Linda said...

Love the sea gulls--and the Cormorant, too. What great shots!

Carly said...

Hi Gattina :)

Wonderful photos as always. Beautiful!


a corgi said...

loved the cormorant getting the eel! you were definitely at the right place at the right time! great shots of birds :)

enjoy the day


imac said...

Ah, so you came across the dreaded Seagull, eh

Suzanne R said...

Those British seagulls remind me of chickens on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, who attacked my picnic lunch when I was eating at a picnic table in Wailea Canyon (if I'm remembering the name right). Here in Oregon, on the coast, seagulls used to get very aggressive but since motel owners put up signs not to feed them, they leave people alone. I could tell a few tales about aggressive ones all the same! LOL! Very nice photos!

Jama said...

The gulls does look fierce, we don't have gulls here.

Anonymous said...

nice birds and ripples