Aug 26, 2009


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like the cat that got the cream
if someone looks like the cat that got the cream, they annoy other people by looking very pleased with themselves because of something good that they have done

see which way the cat jumps

to delay making a decision or doing something until you know what is going to happen or what other people are going to do


Anonymous said...

You and those cats. Wonderful G just great. They do the idioms real well :)

Melli said...

Oh! I never knew to look like the cat that got the cream meant that it bothered someone.... I always thought it just meant a person looked very pleased with themself. Proud! Hmmmm...

These are both excellent shots for your idioms! (you know I LOVE that hat!)

Carleen said...

Now there's a much better version of the Cat in the Hat! I love the action shot, too. Great choices!

Jientje said...

Like I said last week you are the QUEEN of the cat idioms!! They're always so much FUN and they always depict EXACTLY what the idiom says!! Very well done, I love them both!!!

Dr.John said...

Good pictures to go with the idioms.
The second one I've heard but the first one I heard in the version " like the cat that swallowed the canary".

Barbara H. said...

I am like Melli -- I thought the cat that got the cream was pleased for having done so but didn't realize it annoyed others. And that one does look very pleased!

I hadn't heard the second one til someone else did it for the idiom challenge -- or maybe it was you -- but here "seeing which way the wind is blowing" is he same idea.

Cute cat models!

quilly said...

Once again your sweet, long-suffering cats sacrifice their dignity for your art. ;)

Too cute!