Aug 19, 2009


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be like a cat on a hot tin roof
to be nervous and unable to keep still

cat got your tongue
why are you not speaking


quilly said...

I am not certain that roof under Arthur is actually hot. It may be only just a little bit warm. ;)

Equidae said...

lovely pic :) looks quite relaxed on that roof

Carleen said...

Gattina, as someone else who adores cats, I always love to see your photos! I love the photo for cat got your tongue. :)

Jientje said...

You're the queen of the cat idioms!! I SO love them!!

Welcome back in Belgium!

Maribeth said...

Welcome home. I bet the kitties and Mr. Gattino were happy to see you!

Pietro said...

Welcome back, Gattina!
Excellent choice of images for the two idioms. Arthur is sleeping soundly on that roof! :-)

Barbara H. said...

The kitty in the top picture looks perfectly relaxed -- the roof doesn't seem to be bothering him much. :-)

The second one is really cute especially paired with the idiom.

Great work!

Anonymous said...

If the roof is hot why is that beast relaxing on it? LOL. Loved them G. You did good and I swear you get those cats to pose of you. How many cats stick out their tongues? hmmm Well done and the pictures so tell the idioms :)

Anonymous said...

As usual, adorable images