Aug 5, 2009


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Our last idioms !

You've made your bed- you'll have to lie in it

This means that someone will have to live with the consequences of their own actions.

Zing Zing Zing Bah

You say this when someone is flirting with someone!

(never said that ...)


Anonymous said...

You've never said zing zing zing bah? You've been missing out. Love the idioms. Excellent

Jientje said...

Never heard that one either! Very clever Z, and the cats were great models again! Very well done!

quilly said...

That z one is new to me, but I love your Y! Although, I must say it doesn't look as though that bed has been made! ;)

Maribeth said...

Love the idioms and love the pictures!

diane said...

You have some good models there. Do you pay them?

Mar said...

I tell you: Arthur was meant for Hollywood!

imac said...

Wonderful post.

magiceye said...

zing zing zing bah ;)

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