Jul 9, 2009


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I saw these windows in my husband's home town Rovereto near the Garda Lake in Italy.


Pietro said...

Good perspectives, Gattina.
Some walls ought to be restored!!

Lew said...

You have found windows that have seen views for centuries! Great post!

Mar said...

Love these old buildings! I agree with Pietro!
Here is my window :)

subtorp77 said...

Agh! Lew said it first! But yes, so much of what the old world has seen. Truly wonderful!

Thom said...

Excellent my friend. Those are great :)

Vlado&Toni said...

i'm always fascinated with windows.. i've collected different pictures of windows from all our trips in Europe.. it's really fascinating...they are all so different

happyone said...

Fantastic shots!!! I love all the colors and angles.

Pietro said...

I agree, Gattina. If everything would be restored in Italy the cities would loose their charm: in fact with "restore" I was meaning to refresh the structures keeping the ancientness, as it's done for example with the frescos.
About "Yes, we camp!", our premier has promised that before november, maybe already in september/october, all the new houses will be finished and there won't be tent cities anymore; let's hope for the best! :-)

kaye said...

I love the perspective and the color. nicely done. Please stop by and see the view from my window

exposemaximum said...

they are different in shape and size quite interesting