Jun 26, 2009

SKY WATCH - Venice

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Skies over Venice


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I heard about Michael Jacksons death this morning.
He was a great artist. I saw him life together with my son in 1988 in Brussels.
I am really sad that he died so young.


Jama said...

The sky and the scenery there is beautiful!

Babooshka said...

I envy you this journey. Such a beautiful country.

J said...

These photos remind me of why I need to pull my finger out and organise another trip to Italy!

Erin said...

oh...to be back in venice. your sky shots look so inviting. while we had some blue skies when visiting it was semi-overcast.
beautiful captures :)

Martha said...

Such an impressive series of shots! Gorgeous!

Light and Voices said...

Italy....a place on my bucket list. Simply lovely sky photos!

quilly said...

Your sky shots are gorgeous, and your tribute to Michael Jackson is understated and lovely.

Catherine said...

Finally, you've been in Venezia ! How I love this town, far from the touristic area, it is wonderful !

Grace said...

Hello Gattina,
A wonderful post of the sky over Venice. I'm so happy of your idea to show photos of Venezia.

You showed a nice tribute to Michale Jackson and your memories.