Jun 19, 2009


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Skies in the south of Morocco


Pietro said...

What wonderful landscapes!
I would never have thought there were clouds in the Morocco skies! :-)

J Bar said...

Great scenes.

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Guy D said...

Fantastic shots, I'd love to visit one day.

Have a great weekend
Regina In Pictures

Ivon said...

Nice pictures of southern Morocco. It is good to know they have a sky too. :)

My favorite is your fourth photo. I like the way the white building seems all alone watching the valley. Thanks for sharing.

Babooshka said...

Just wonderful wide open landscape and such a light sky.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

One very lucky lady to see the Moroccan sky. Thanks for sharing us the beauty on that side of the world, Madam Gattina!

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Erin said...

i am so enjoying these morocco captures. lovely.

Enigma said...

Its so beautiful. My mom toured there a number of years ago after visiting Spain and Portugal. Said Morocco was her favorite of the three....until the food poisoning. Thanks for sharing these fantastic captures Gattina!

Regina said...

Nice post and shot.

Darcel said...

I love the 2nd and last pictures. It looks quite warm and sunny there. Beautiful buildings.

Margaret Ann said...

Fabulous natural color palette...very exotic captures! :)