Jun 29, 2009


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If Holland is famous for it's bikers here at the Garda Lake it's even worse, at all moment you risk your life by being ran over by a biker. Here they just all collapsed.

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It's almost a miracle but I saw a butterfly !


humanobserver said...

truly a very colourful butterfly :)

Jama said...

It's a beautiful butterfly! coincidentally I'm also posting a shot of a butterfly for Monday Macro.

Maribeth said...

Love the butterfly!

Carletta said...

That butterfly was wearing his stone camo outfit wasn't he! He blends right in.
Lovely shot!

Pietro said...

Gattina, both beautiful photographs the bicycles and the butterfly. The landscape with the bicycles has a very pleasant perspective; I notice the lake is a bit rough, it must have been a windy day. I'm glad you went to Venice: it's always enchanting, isn't it? Have a very good stay!

storyteller said...

BEAUTIFUL capture of the butterfly and great shot of the bikes on the beach too ;--)
Hugs and blessings,