May 5, 2009


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The entrance of a bar called "The coffin"

Seen on the Grand' Place in Brussels during a scarecrow exposition.
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Pietro said...

Three interesting images, Gattina. When I was in Brussels many years ago I went several times to the Grand Place: it's so attractive! Beautiful the bycicle in the first image. :-)

Jama said...

What a name, I wouldn't want to enter that bar! lol
Did somebody actually ride that bicycle?

Pietro said...

About your question, yes, the sign of the Olympics is still there. It's a simple symbol, of course; it's in the mountains, near the city of Susa: as I often travel that valley, I've liked to photograph it in the two seasons.

imac said...

Ah, I bet its a bit cramped in the coffin, and that colour in tne passage.
Cool finds.

maryt/theteach said...

Love the big RED bike, Gattina! That bat "the coffin" is scary! Great Ruby Tuesday post! :)

Wonder Turquette said...

A beautiful set of "red" photos! I don't know if I would like to have a drink at that bar called "The Coffin" :-)