May 16, 2009

PHOTO HUNTERS, painted - ROUND ROBINS, floating

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I took these pictures of the Waterloo battle, painted in panorama. It looks very real the painter did a very good job. You almost feel in the middle of the battle because while you are looking around you can hear the screams of the injured, the shooting of guns and canons and the neighs of the horses.











Fun on water


quilly said...

I like the colors in the third painting. I like the last photo best, though. That looks like fun!

Mar said...

Such detailed paintings... I tried to focus on the talented hand and not the battle itself, I am glad you didn't include the sound effects!

Mine is up, happy weekend!

YTSL said...

Your photos give me the feeling that the panorama is HUGE!

CRIZ LAI said...

I love the way the artist played with painting and real life foreground. Beautiful work indeed. :)

claudie said...

just watching at your pictures and reading your text I can hear the cries and gun in my mind! The artist did a good job!
Happy Hunter, Gattina!

imac said...

Great and interesting shots.
love your new header too.

Safari 3 post now up

imac said...

Great and interesting shots.
love your new header too.

Safari 3 post now up

Ralph said...

There is a battle painting in Gettysburg PA from the famous battle in the US Civil War (1863). Ehat I find amazing is the similarities in the terrain (gentle rolling hills and lots of farm land) between Waterloo and Gettysburg, and the death and destruction.

History can always come alive in pictures. I see the lion in the header of your blog!

Anonymous said...

The detail is amazing. I wonder how the world would be if Napoleon had carried the day?

Melli said...

The paintings of the battle are wonderful... not my favorite subject matter - but terrific paintings none-the-less! The RR photo reminds me of last year when Amanda/Luz and Mom/I got the pedal boats up in Bowie one afternoon! That was so much fun!

Alice Audrey said...

Battles are so hard to depict.

ellen b. said...

Hello Gattina! That does look like fun on the water! Have a great weekend...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the sights and motions of the battlefiend, these paintings are so vivid.

Do visit my blog, I value your comment as well.

Have a good weekend.

Teena in Toronto said...

So colourful!

I played too :)

srp said...

The colors are absolutely amazing. It must have been remarkable to be there as well! Mine is up here.

Carly said...

Hi Gattina

Ahh... fun on the water. :)


Sandra said...

Hi Gattina, The painting are amazing,so vivid. The floating one just looks like so much fun.
Mine are posted too.
Hope you have a wonderful week end.

Monica said...

What beautiful paintings with such detail.

The floating looks like fun.

Gabriel said...

Gorgeous!!! What beautiful paintings, Gattina!

My post, here

stan said...

What dramatic scenery with those horses and action! I'd like to drift ard in that rubber dinghy too.

Butch and Angie said...

How peaceful and inviting your floating pic is.