May 3, 2009


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Besides the garden center where I wanted to buy some plants I saw this group of cows !


when they saw me they ran away

but then changed their minds


and the bull got angry and approached, I quickly disappeared !


couldn't resist, here is one of the last pictures of my cat Pookie


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Since we had winter here in Belgium and no flowers were blooming I hadn't participated in Today's Flowers. But now it's bloooming everywhere and I am here again !

a neighbour garden


A blooming cherry tree


humanobserver said...


Karen said...

I think I'd be disappearing quickly too, if that bull started coming towards me !! :-)

Gorgeous Pookie, such lovely markings !!

Nice set of photos !

Marie Reed said...

The bull got mad? Were you wearing a red shirt? :) Pookie is the cat's meow!

KB said...

Pookie is a cutie.

Babooshka said...

Run away. Herds of moody cows are a little scray. Pookie is a sweetie and what a cute name.

Kate said...

The kitten is a great candidate for Camera Critters.

Wonder Turquette said...

A funny souvenir with the cows! Your little Pookie is adorable! As well as your blooming cherry tree! :-) Have a beautiful new week!

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a funny caption about the cows. Pookie cute as ever.

Lovely blooms! It's nice to spend time just watching them.

Roger said...

Hey those were "Mad Cows" Pookey what a awesome cat! :D

Jama said... cute name but sounds a little bit vulgar in the Malay language!