Apr 23, 2009


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COMMUNICATION (Telephone, Letters, Parcels, Books, Radio, TV, Computers, Sign Language, Headset,...)





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car window

in the train

an old Restaurant


Nukke said...

So much communication in your pics !!! I like the train pic most :)

Jama said...

Is that your book collections? that's a lot!

Greyscale Territory said...

What a delightful collection of photos! I especially love the last one of the old restaurant window! Such a magical ambiance!

Robin said...

I like the combination of dark train compartment and bright daylight whizzing by outside.

Dianne said...

the bookcase is amazing!!

and the train shot is stunning, lovely light and perfect composition

Ivanhoe said...

I just love the train photo. Must be because I enjoy train rides :o)

Nicole said...

Love your book collection :)!
And the wall carpet :)

I think my Fav shot is the train shot.
I love the light / dark combination.

(Und ja, ich moechte auch gerne Jaeger erschiessen)

Anonymous said...

Gattina, you have a great variety of windows today! I love the reflection in the car window.

Kathy b

boliyou said...

Wonderful pics. I love the old restaurant, and the shot of the car window is very creative!

maryt/theteach said...

Great shots, Gattina! Welcome to "Window Views." I'm glad you'll be joining us! :)

kaye said...

great variety-including the windows on your computer screen

See the view from this window

Catherine said...

You're a the top of information, Gattina. It misses your computer which is one of the most important, and the more used means of communication, no ?

You've chosen interesting and original windows. Like this old restaurant. Have you tried it, just to take a picture from inside : )

ellen b. said...

Love the shots out of the windows Gattina! Enjoy the rest of the week!!

ROSIDAH said...

Amazing book and photo collection! I love the windows. Have a great week, Gattina :)

Sara said...

Great variety of windows....and I love your bookshelves too. Books are windows to other worlds.

Happily Retired Gal said...

Fascinating photos! I've not joined Mary's new window meme yet, but may do so in the future.
Hugs and blessings,