Apr 27, 2009


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Rosie thought the camera was a treat !


humanobserver said...

Oh that fantastic macro shots :)

Roger said...

Look at that frog. Great photography Gattina!

Hey Gattina I know how you liked my Neighbors Cat post, well she past away this weekend. I posted a tribute for her.

quilly said...

Could have done without the dead frog, but I like the cat photos. Rosie wanted to tasty the camera. You always have it to your face, so it must be food!

Jama said...

Did the cat get to lick your lens? kekekekke nice macros!

Pietro said...

Nice close-ups of Rosie! What bright eyes she has!
Many thanks for your information about cats.

margie said...

what a clean little nose!!

imac said...

What a cute Kitty.
Maybe if you kissed the toad-frog, it will turn into a prince.?.

Catherine said...

We know imadiately why Rosie is Rosie. Cat's eyes are fascinating. First by their colour, then by their depth. You could have called her golden eyes.

A frog that looks in "poor health", or is it an impression ?

Anonymous said...

Purrdy kitty face, I have a black and white guy at home too!
mine is here

lisaschaos said...

Great nosey shots! Love seeing your kitty this close!

Lulda Casadaga said...

ummm...frogs legs anyone!
Love the clean, pink nose of your kitty! All my friends & relatives have cats...I have dogs!! :)

T and S said...

The details in the cat's eye is incredible.

joshi daniel said...

the cats pictures are real close and it has good looks!