Apr 20, 2009


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After the dark sky I photographed for Skywatch, shortly after it hailed ! These are some hailstones on our terrace.


quilly said...


And those hailstones look like some of them got pretty big!

T and S said...

That Turtle looks so real. Well shot

GMG said...

Hi Gattina! Amazing shots!

You wouldn’t guess where Blogtrotter is on its last post... ;)
Enjoy and have a great week!

Maribeth said...

Hey I watched a program last night called In The Womb-Cats. I thought of you. So interesting to see those little kitty babies inside the womb. They also had a show about Dogs in the womb and that was so special because of Anneliese!

lisaschaos said...

Cool! The turtle looks real enough but I'm guessing he's a sea turtle? So fake?

RuneE said...

Odd shot: The way they move - maybe it is both??

Pietro said...

Hailstones! Fantastic macro shots!
Your new background seems to be lit up from the inside, very nice. :-)

NoBS said...

I LOVE that turtle!

R and J said...

The turtle of course is not real, because it seems too real :)

Jama said...

Great macro there Gatinna! but I sure hope the hailstorm didn't do any damage.

Amanda Guthrie said...

Beautiful closeups, I love to see rocks and stones this way... all the little details!

humanobserver said...

I think that is a tortoise.

Catherine said...

Gattina, if you take pictures of hailstones in macro size, it looks like ice cube.