Apr 15, 2009


Now that my eyes are trained to see letters everywhere it's over ! and I so much regret that I didn't participate from the beginning on. I just had a hole in my creative brain.

So here is Y

a twig in front of Arthur


and Z


window store


the flash under the flame (don't ask me what this thing is and where it came from, I found it between medals)


I admit this Z is a little bit artificial

and now ? what do we do numbers ??


quilly said...

I think you Z is adorable.

Mar said...

Arthur steals the show!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Excellent....I'm as Mar commented, I loved your initiative to make some adorable letters with your kitties.

Melli said...

LOL! So now you are addicted to looking for letters! So, now you can read the world! :)

Jientje has something interesting for us to do now!

I love your last letters! I never knew that SHRIMP have claws! I've never seen a WHOLE one before! Those are awesome Y's! And I DO believe we will allow you some poetic license with cat Arthur and his friend! Toooo cute!

Carletta said...

Great ones Gattina!
There's also a big Y in the tree behind Arthur in the first shot.
You have my favorite Z so far in the shutters. I tried so hard to find one like that to no avail.
I'm so glad you joined us for part of the fun!

Barbara H. said...

I'm seeing letters everywhere, too!

Love the blue shutters with the Z in them. These are all great!

Terri said...

Yes, I thought the tree behind Arthur was the Y, didn't see the twig! Love that blue Z.