Apr 1, 2009


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Rosie has a lot of letters in her tail ! Even a U


This wheel was exposed in a coal mine I visited. Obviously you see the V


and on the seat in front of me in the Bus which took me there was this sign. Turned a little it also became a V. In the new buses you have to wear a safety belt now.


Mar said...

Rosie is the perfect cat!!! love that u.
I think it is a good idea to wear a seat belt on the bus, ours don't (at least for the time being!)
There is a small pic on the left of my pic showing the U...it's rather a square U

Mar said...

My post is updated, extra for youuuu!!

humanobserver said...

Lovely colours :)

quilly said...

Rosie certainly has a versatile tail!

Hootin' Anni said...

Love "U"...in fact, when you look at the photo of the kitties beyond looking at the letter, I think that is what Rosie is saying ---I LOVE YOU.

Janet said...

That v you saw on the bus is especially amazing! Great job.

Melli said...

What would we do without little Rosie!? She is such a help in finding these letters! I love that wheel! Great v's in there! The seatbelt sign too! It's a perfect V!

Barbara H. said...

What a talented cat you have! :-) And those are great V's.

Pietro said...

Rosie is so cute! :-)
We don't have seat belts on the bus, often many people are standing and packed like sardines during the trips...
I have read your comment on my blog: you're right, that coal mine it's a terrible place indeed. I'll read your next posts about it with interest.

Carletta said...

Oh Gattina! Rosie is sure helping you out isn't she! She did a great job giving you that U!
The V's in the wheel remind me of my V's today. :)
Seatbelts on buses - we don't even have those on school buses here.
Perfect find.
I wish you had played all along. :)