Feb 27, 2009


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Grey sky over Brussels port



The Albert canal


Pietro said...

Very enjoyable views. I notice there are many skyscrapers in that part of Brussels!

Linnea W said...

Grey skies or not, I'd love to take a walk around that place. The one side of the river looks quite modern. Thanks for sharing and enjoy SWF!

Etje said...

An urban Sky Watch.
Thanks for sharing.

imac said...

Nice collection of pics

Daryl said...

So very like the Brussels I visited in January 1999

Mo said...

All great shots, but I especially like the one of the canal - very frame-able!

Thanks for sharing those, and have a great weekend ahead!

Carletta said...

Grey skies but beautiful views Gattina!

My Sky Watch is on my photoblog Carletta’s Captures

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I love looking at your Brussel shots. I feel like I've been there.

Babooshka said...

I love my virtual walks round Brussels always new to my eyes.

Catherine said...

In winter time, Brel's songs come imadiately to my mind.
From what I see, it looks really like Paris on the Seine. As grey.
Beautiful barges.

humanobserver said...

Nice view.