Feb 23, 2009


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While walking around a pond in a parc I discovered this ombrella in the water ! I wonder if frogs need ombrellas now ? with all the rain we have nothings surprises me anymore !

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This is a little lock for a handbag. To give you an idea of the real size

Arthur makes a demonstration


Pietro said...

Very nice post, Gattina. And Arthur's demonstration is really convincing! :-)

kden said...

Nice shot, what a pretty little lock. And I thank Arthur for his help, he's a handsome boy.

quilly said...

Arthur is just so cute I want to lay down next to himand kiss his furry face!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

The lock is so much tinier than I first imagined. Nice shot, Gattina!

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Dianne said...

arthur does a great job at the demonstration, I'd lose that lock in 2 minutes

love the umbrella!

lisaschaos said...

That is the cutest little lock! And I love your model!

Ginger said...

I thought at first this was a charm for a Pandora's bracelet! Nice of the cat to "demonstrate" for us.

Jama said...

That a little lock, I think I'll loose it in no time!

CameoRoze said...

The lock is neat ... but I really like the texture in the background. What is that?

Lovin' Macro Monday,
Cameo @-->-->---

Catherine said...

Arthur gets heavy-set paw, no ?
Compared to my female cat. It's always a pleasure to watch him.
He could have participated to Rby Tuesday too !