Feb 9, 2009


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Isn't that a beautiful piece to put in your living room, together with the dead pigeon between its paws ?

I saw this in a junk shop amongst antiques and other decorations !


Carletta said...

No thanks Gattina!

Pietro said...

It's terrible, Gattina!!!
Interesting photo and good choice for Odd Shots. :-)

June said...

They say that there's always someone for everything...but in this case I'm not so sure!

lisaschaos said...

I almost missed the pigeon, ew! What were they thinking? Although it would be appropriate for a museum.

Katney said...

Oh, my, he looks rather --hungry?

A friend has a B&B where we sometimes stay. In one of the suites is a stuffed bobcat which her uncle had shot. Some folks choose to use a different room. We always seem to get that one.