Feb 25, 2009


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Trunks. The original


and HDR-ish from Picnik


TJ said...

I do love the woods, and when I come across a down wood in the area we live in I often want to take a picture....
beautiful! I love what you did with the photo!

Roger said...

I like that! Cool edits Gattina! I grew up chopping wood to heat the house in the winter time, it is a good work out! :D

Sanni @ Life... said...

BRAVO! I like both photos, the original and the edited.

TAG! You're it! Would you please come over to my photoblog and do a little photo meme? It's easy as 1-2-3 :-)


TJ said...

Gattina, I am so very sorry about your friend.
I am all to familiar with colon cancer. 15 years ago I lost my very best friend to colon cancer. She fought it for 5 years with every breathe she had, she had 4 little ones to give her strength for the battle.
This cancer thing is way to everyday for me anymore, ...it hurts to watch ....

Catherine said...

That's a great idea, Gattina.
Even in the true version, I love it.
I order the same in chocolate, for true. (For Christmas, it's our traditional dessert, la buche au chocolat. I imagine you knew it. Now, you can't ignore it : )

Carletta said...

Very nice Gattina! My Stepdad is always shaking his head at me taking pictures. I must tell him about yours. He cuts wood to sell as a hobby. He would never think of someone taking a picture of it. :)
Like your effects!