Feb 11, 2009


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I took a few pictures of a plexiglas seat hanging on a chain in a "junk" shop. To my big surprise one came out like this, I only lighted it a bit and put a little shadow.


Roger said...

That came out cool looking! Did you go in and swing in the chair? Hey I took care of the spam thanks for letting me know! :D

Pietro said...

The effects are interesting. I like this image, with fine lights, colours and contrasts.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Very interesting photo. There is so much to look at. My favorite thing is the chair with the red seat in the background.

Carletta said...

Another great junk shop find!
I love the look of this - very artsy!

Patti said...

This is a great photo, Gattina!
I love the colors and light.

Is it a nighttime shot?