Dec 6, 2008


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For our breakfast there is not much to show ! We have never been hungry early morning and on weekends we would have done a brunch.

So this is not for diet purposes ! We have each black coffee with sugar (please note he in a Ferrari mug and I in a cat mug of course), a glass of orange juice and I drink an Actimel (sort of yogourt) Compared to the States and the UK or even Germany it is a rather frugal breakfast !


Mar said...

Oh, my, that's my OJ from Lidl and Danone's Actimel (Actimel aktiviert Abwehrkräfte!)
That's not much for breakfast but it's healthy!
Happy hunting and happy weekend! ours is a long one, due to a Catholic Holiday on Monday .

quilly said...

Around here we usually have orange juice for breakfast -- except on weekends, but then we often eat breakfast late, have a light afternoon snack (as opposed to lunch), then dinner around 7 p.m.

During the week it is juice, then lunch, then dinner.

YTSL said...

I'm similar to you, Gattina, in having a frugal breakfast on week days and brunch or even straight to lunch (rather than breakfast) during weekends!

jams o donnell said...

I'm not a breakfast person myself. Breakfast used to be coffee and cigarettes. Now it's just coffee. We have alidle just a few minutes walk away. I love their range of lebkuchen at this time of year. Happy weekend

Melli said...

Oh you have WAY more than I usually have! For me it's just coffee! (I love your cat mug, by the way) For me to choke down juice and yogurt in the morning would be a problem. Back when I DID eat breakfast it was always a bowl of cereal.

Naturegirl said...

Gattina interesting to note that when I was in Belgium my breakfast always included your cat mug..I have one too!
BTW if you view my SWF photos..checkout the post previous and see how my ~~white gentle giant~~ resembles yours!hugs NG

Roger said...

Thats it lol! Great photo enjoy your breakfast!! :D