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1 half Arthur

+ 1 half Arthur

= A two head Arthur

I published this already for another photo group, but it is one of my favourite photos, because it was just a coincidence that I could put the two heads together with only cropping two pictures and put them together with the panorama program of HP photosmart. No Photoshop or other sophisticated program !

my second favourite I took yesterday with this little Sony Cybershot T 300 camera !

The moon ! I was so surprised about this result !


  1. Just love the cat photos, especially the two-headed one. :)

  2. Impressive shots....The moon is looking cool.....

  3. I love this mythological picture of Arthur, the cat who is in the heart of many women in the blogosphere :)

    LOVE your shots of the moon, I took a couple of pictures too, haven't looked at them but the moon looked glorious!! Well done!

  4. Teeheehee at your two-headed cat take on the 'favorite' theme! ;b

  5. Hmmm... How is Rosie going to handle a double headed Arthur now? Haha :P


  6. The two headed cat is amazing! Can't believe how real the photo looks! And, of course, love the moon shots!

    In answer to your question on my blog, I don't have trouble commenting here because you are with Blogger. (Just sometimes it takes a while to load!) I can't seem to leave comments on blogs connected with a particular network that seems to be used in Belgium.

  7. How funny - nice job with the PhotoShop program! Great picks for The Hunt.


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