Dec 1, 2008


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I saw this handbag at the airport in Hurghada (Egypt) It is not in real crocodile that's not allowed, but the imitation is so perfect, in my opinion that beats everything ! But Egyptian business men adapted themselves to Russian women's taste ! and this is the top of elegance ! (I asked the shop owner, who would buy such an horror and he told me that !)


quilly said...

So, you and I both must have bad taste! Still, I'd rather have bad taste than lug the replica of a dead animal around with me all day!

RuneE said...

Maybe a tiny bit overdone?

Jama said...

I wouldn't mind buying the replica but that head got to go first! :p

Catherine said...

It could have been a real one! I 'm sure some years ago, this kind of bag certainly existed.

What an Odd Shot! I'm with you.