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Other countries other uses ! I saw this Russian tourist showing proudly his golden teeth ! 6 in the front !! Apparently it is a sign of richness ! He was not the only one ! I have seen quite a lot of them men and women ! With my little camera I become a real paparazzi !


  1. You bad bad poparazzi lol! Hey I got the perfect lens for you I'm going to get one soon just for fun it is a spy lens, that attaches to your camera and takes the photo from the side of the lens like a para scope haha! I got the link here for it check it out.

    click here spy lens attachment

  2. My mom used to have one gold tooth during her teen years but when it became no longer fashionable here, she removed it , after more than 25 years .

  3. Can't say I like them...hope it doesn't become more popular than it is...

  4. I don't know about the look of golden teeth. Not my taste..
    Put your money where you mouth is:)
    I am sure you are going to love my todays post..
    cheers Gisela

  5. I've always hear it was a sign of money, looks odd though, I think. :) I love the thought of you sneaking around snapping away. :)

  6. LOL! Did he KNOW you were photographing him?

  7. That was in fact quite common in Western Europe and the US not so very many years ago - let us say before WW2. It still fairly common in certain parts of the world.

    In the west we show off by glueing small diamonds to the teeth or bleaching them beyond any reasonable colour that ever existed for teeth.

  8. Not crazy about gold teeth. Would rather have it around my neck or finger.
    Great photos though.

  9. When we visited Russia we saw many gold bedecked mouths. Below a certain age, however, the fashion did not seem to be accepted. Or perhaps the skill of Russian dentists improved when those younger folks came along.


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