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For a change Mr. Gattino spends his Christmas night with Jersey the dog when we were in Amsterdam celebrating Christmas with our son.

That's how I found our cats when we came back
Arthur as Christmas decoration

and Rosie covered with her Christmas gifts !


  1. That white back suggest 'where you been!?'
    The birds are safe enough as long as they stay off the ground when the younger cat is out. Fortunately, he's lazy. Not to mention, overfed.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog...I can see that you REALLY like animals so you must be a very nice person! Nice photos on your blog! (and yes, I did go through an adjustment period when I was adopted when I did not stop eating...so I got fat...now Kevin rations my food so I'll lose some weight)

  3. Arthur makes a great Christmas decoration lol :) Lovely pics Gattina :)

  4. both great Christmas pets. hope you had a splendid time Sandy

  5. I love the photo of Mr. Gattino sleeping with Jersey. Lol! Arthur is a wonderful Christmas decoration and Rosie looks so cute with all of her toys. Happy New Year!


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