Jun 19, 2008


"PATTERNED" (Striped, Checkered, Polka Dotted, Leopard, Waves, Mosaic, Swirls,...)

I found this old mosaic floor in a 16th century castle in Dinant (Belgium)

For other participants go HERE


Mar said...

Wow, you are quick!! I just found this meme too, it seems the participants (moi not included) are mostly pro's!!
love your mosaic

Horsoon said...

Very nice (and rare, I believe) mosaic patterns. Nice shot!

napaboaniya said...

Mosaics make wonderful and creative designs :) I love those colorful ones as well!

Roger said...

I dig that mosaics! very nice capture! :D

Melli said...

That is LOVELY! I just told Mar - I'm going to have to go look in my archives... I don't remember ANYthing appropriate I could use... but I bet I'll find something!

Carletta said...

This is lovely!
I was at Mar's and saw your comment and came here and now I'm going to check out the others.