Jun 11, 2008


N° 11

more participants here at Anna Carlson's

Pookie likes to sleep on paper !

and this puts an end to the project blue. Sad to say !


Carletta said...

Sorta putting Project Blue to bed :) I love the pic.

My last one is up now. I'll miss blue but I'll be back for visits,

Raven said...

Awwww.... What a lovely ending. I've enjoyed all your blue pics.... and the non blue too.

Dianne said...

I've really enjoyed Blue!

Pookie is adorable. Love the little paw on the phone.

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

What a cutie!!! Cats always look so peaceful no matter where they sleep or the position they sleep in.

Dr.John said...

It would have been even more interesting if the cat was blue.

quilly said...

Pookie fell asleep in the middle of switching channels. Poor exhausted kitty is probably tired of forever hunting for blue. Now he needs a rest before the next color starts!