Jun 1, 2008


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Cat Arthur thinking of futur crimes to commit !

This man worked on our roof to clean it up, and had brought his little doggy along. It is 3 month old and slept in the truck.

My neighbor dog Yanouk (a bernese mountain dog, 60 kg !), doesn't like to be photographed. Each time he sees me with a camera, he turns his head around. I was lucky here, to catch his face just before. I think his eyes were hurt by the flashlight and he still remembers ! He is a big friend of my cats !

My cat Pookie also has something suspicious to do in mind !


claudie said...

Pookie is beautiful on the picture! Now I know who was the doggy! Tu as entrepris de sérieux travaux sur la toiture! Mais c'est bien! car il y a quelques année j'habitais dans un appartement et on passait notre temps à changer les tuiles poreuses! Finalement jee l'ai revendu!

imac said...

Beautiful set of CC, love the puppy -Too cute.

Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments.

andrée said...

these are great photos, Gattina: especially your neighbor's beautiful dog. Great!

Rhea said...

Love all the different animals! That one little puppy was so tiny! That's so funny the guy brings it to work with him. Adorable.

Great Camera Critters' post!

Dianne said...

great series of photos

your cat looks like she knows how beautiful she looks on that rug :)

ratmammy said...

i love all your photos!! especially that little itty bitty doggie... i didn't even see him at first!

Misty Dawn said...

I'm on cute overload here! The puppy in the pocket is just too adorable... your cat is gorgeous..... oh my I'm speechless - so much cuteness ;-)

Katney said...

That puppy is amazingly tiny! (Your cats are cute, too.)

nonizamboni said...

Cats always have their minds on the move don't they?! Loved the dogs too.
Happy Monday!