Feb 10, 2008


Last year I re-discovered the big market which takes place each Sunday in Brussels at the South Station. The Midi market is reputed to be the biggest in Europe behind Ventimiglia on the Italian Riviera ! On average 450 stand holders (mostly Morrocans) sell here their wares of all varieties and prices. You can find almost everything, spices from all countries, meat, vegetables, fruits, clothes, fabrics, home suppliances, electric stuff, bags, suitcases, underwear, shoes, etc. etc.

So when the weather is nice I like to walk through the multi cultural stands, sometimes I buy some fruits or other things, I like to sit down at the terrace of a Bistro and watch people doing their shopping.

I took these two pictures on the Midi Market in Brussels,

and this one on our local market in Waterloo which of course has just the size of a normal weekly market. Mr. Gattino goes there every Sunday to buy fresh Italian food coming directly from Italy. He has his "private" supplier there a guy named Carmelo who sales almost everything and also serves as a meeting point to all Italians living around. They drink their espresso there and chat far better then the market women.


claudie said...

This seems a beautiful market. And an italian meeting! Mama mia! I'd like to be there!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Looks like a great place to shop and people-watch!

Carly said...

Hi Gattina :)

Yummmmmy! I love visiting outdoor markets and Farmer's Markets like this one. Very photogenic indeed.

-Always, Carly

Martha said...

Great veggie shots!

MyMaracas said...

Everything looks so fresh and vibrant. I've never seen pumpkins cut open that way; it makes for an interesting shape. (Here in the US, most of us just use them for jack-o'-lanterns at Halloween.)

Lovely photos, as always.

Janet said...

What are those veggies in the first picture, on the far right? Great shots!

Sandra said...

what a lovely setting to shop in, and the flavors of the people around to savor as well as the visual food displays.

Kiva said...

Those beautiful pictures make me remember all the markets I went to while I lived in Europe. I never shopped in a supermarket while I was there. I wish we had an Italian connection here. I could use some of those "real" ingredients.

Mar said...

It looks beautiful, Gattina, what a colorful place to go shopping!
off to check out that site :)