Jan 4, 2008


Here is Rosie she was born on May 5, 2007. I always wanted a "Tuxi" cat a black and white kitten with a mask on her face. In our animal shelter there was none. As it was a real dream of me I decided to use Internet and put in an advertising. A young couple whose cat had 5 kittens called me and said that they had a black and white little female. That was exactly what I wanted, a little female. So it comes that I know everthing from Rosie, I knew her mother and her siblings. When I saw her for the first time she was 10 days old and such a tiny little thing. Of course I had to wait until she would have 6 weeks and on June 13 I finally could pick her up.

This is now her "Gotcha Day" as the Blogging cats call the day they arrived in their "Forever homes" and it is celebrated in the Cat blogger's world.

I took this picture on Rosie's first day at home. She was so small that she couldn't stay in a normal basket, so I transferred my bread basket as a little bed for her. She slept in there until she got to big.

and here is Rosie today, 8 months old, already spayed and a beautiful little cat !

and she is not only beautiful but also very intelligent. One of her habits makes us smile every morning. During the night she collects all her toy mice which are all over the house and puts them neatly around the food bowls. All of them but one, that she puts in the water or a food bowl.

Usually there are 4 laying around.


Hootin' Anni said...

That is just too neat. I love the story behind your Rosie!!! Love it a lot. [and the toys each night? Sweet!!!]

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