Mar 8, 2007


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Unfortunately it's like with dogs ! No bird picture in my archives, besides a few seagulls ! I can't take a picture of birds in our garden, they are all gone, not because my cats catched them, but they don't like my garden because of the cats ! So please look at my seagulls. I love them !
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in Eastbourne city, England, South East coast

Watching us from high above !

Same location

At the Belgian coast the seagulls are much smaller. Here are a few along the beach in Ostende.


Fleur de Lisa said...

The first gull is huge. I would hate to see one so large- I think they can be very mean birds!

Lady Starlight said...

Those gulls look like my funnelcake theiving buddies in Atlantic City. DON'T EVER FEED THE GULLS!
They'll make off with all of your food.

Thanks for playing.=))

Irish Church Lady :) said...

The gulls are funny birds to watch with their characteristic ways of trying to steal food from you. I enjoy gull watching but I mind my food carefully!

Kathy said...

My daughter recently took a trip to DisneyWorld in Florida and witnessed a very aggressive seagull swoop down & pluck the ice cream cone right out of her boyfriends hands! Then another swooped at her head! They can be nasty creatures.