Oct 6, 2006


This is a dormitory ! So only whisper please if you have something to say. As I have no other pictures from the occupants of this house when they sleep, I had again to use my cats ! They are faithful models for almost every theme.

Pookie sleeps deeply as usual on my bed and of course not on the towel
Lisa preferes stuffed cats to her family.

Arthur occupies another bed and nothing can disturb him when he sleeps. You can even lift him up and move him to another place, he wouldn't even open an eye.

Here he choose the romantic place of our toilet. Nobody knows what cats have in mind !

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    I will be away for 8 days to Turkey on a round trip through mountains following the "Caravan road". But not on a camel but by Bus !

    Read (not see) you after the 14th October !


    Deb said...

    Enjoy your trip!
    Love the kittes :))

    Leslie said...

    Great pictures. I love the kitties!

    Karen said...

    Have a great trip! Cute pictures.

    Obsidian Kitten said...

    oh, Lisa does remind me so much of Emma, who also enjoys sleeping in snail pose very much.

    with those crazy tortoiseshell markings, i always think that the angels (or whoever is responsible for such things) must spend a great deal of time painting tortoiseshell cats! lol