Oct 18, 2006


Halloween is approaching so I wanted to show you some things in our shops in Waterloo, before it's all gone !

Last year as every year were an exposition of pumpkins in our city park.
a little of my decoration

And this is me with a girlfriend last year ! In my wig are little witches on their broom.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gattina, loved your little cartoon! We don't do Halloween as much as you do, obviously, but it is growing!

A kookaburra is rather a large bird with a crazy laugh - also known as the laughting jackass! Actually, I like kookaburras, they are wonderful alarm clocks, almost to the minute! They laugh exactly 30 minutes before dawn so you know when it's going to get light.

If I can find one, I'll post a picture of a kookaburra.

Take care

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh, i love seeing all the decorations, especially yours!

and you can imagine that the black cats are my favorite! lol

so do you wear little witches in your hair all year around? =)

how funny, i know the rhyme about the kookaburra but i never knew it was a real bird, i always thought it was just an imagined one!

Connie and Rob said...

Wow it sure looks fun around your house for Halloween. Love your decorations and you look most beautiful in your wig with little witches in it.

Take care,