Oct 27, 2006


We have a collection of a few foreign bills and coins. Here you can see one bill from Portugal, from Brasil and a very old one from Austria.

The coins are "United States Liberty Coins 1886-1986 which I received from my american aunt.

The Euro is in chocolate and were distributed the day when european different monies changed to Euro.

So that could fill in "Change"

Another kind of chang is this :

Me "normal"

and me dressed up in a fancy arabic outfit !

pour mes amis belges :

pour voir la préparation de l'exposition



    Lisa said...

    I'm glad to see you play along with Foto Pherrets. It is a fun thing to to each week. There is not a blogroll for it, but if you leave a comment on the site, people will be able to come and see your wonderful photos!

    I love your paintings! They are so colorful and gorgeous.

    Linda "Lou" said...

    Ahhhhh, vous etes belges!!!