Sep 8, 2006


In 1991 I started Art School, as I always loved to paint, but never really had time for it. Then, I were working half time and so went there in evening courses. It was a very nice time but after 8 years I had enough and went to a private group near Waterloo. Today I am in a group organized by the City and I like it very much. We are a very nice group of leisure painters and have a lot of fun. Coffee brakes are always welcome and Birthdays always celebrated with a lot of cakes. Any occasion is good for us to celebrate ! Once a year an exposition of all our "masterpieces" is organized in October where we expose our drawings, or paintings. Usually a lot of people are coming even the major and a vernissage is done, with appetizers and champagne. It lasts for 3 days and officially we are not allowed to sell, but nobody cares about that. Last year I sold 2 paintings (which is a lot, considered that everybody is only allowed to expose 4 pictures) and was happy about that. Here I will always present 5 paintings, some of them I sold and only have the photos.

Cats painted in pastel





The titels you can find by yourself. I never do it, because especially with abstract paintings everybody should use its phantasy. Here it's obviously cats !


Jane said...

I LOVE the painting of the girl with the cat. It looks so graceful.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Your paintings are marvelous. I came here with the Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt and was delighted to see your paintings as well!

From Belgium with love said...

Congratulations on your blog and on your paintings. You're obviously a cat lover. Noticed some nice marine photo's of Ostend as well. Don't we have beautiful clouds in Belgium ... ?
Keep going ! And thanks for leaving a comment on my blog !

Teena said...

My fav is the one with all the kitties!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I absolutely LOVE these....They are truly beautiful!